Providing Refuge for Pastors and their families...

Times of Worship

Times of Study

Times of Equipping

Equipping for the ‘work of the ministry’ can come in various forms. Most importantly, effective equipping will entail maintaining emphasis on your own a healthy soul and spirit... Click here for more information.

Join together with other Pastor’s in the region and nations, to pull down walls that try to bring division, and to Study the Word of God in unity and love. Click here for more information.

Join together with Pastor's and Pastor's wives on the 2nd and 3rd Friday of the month* for a time of Praise, Worship and soaking in the Presence of the Lord. Click here for further details.

Shepherd’s Wives is a large part of the ministry of the Shepherd’s Loft. We understand the demands and expectations that Pastor’s Wives endure... Click herefor further information.

The Shepherd's Loft is a ministry for Pastor's, Pastor's Wives, Missionaries and their families. It is designed to be a placed where Jesus Christ is glorified as His Body comes together in Unity, tearing down walls of division and religion. It is a ministry to Pastors that assists with equipping the saints, building unity in the Body of Christ, and attaining oneness in the faith (Eph. 4). It is a place of refuge, where Pastors and Missionaries can come to rest and find refuge in the Cleft of the Rock. It is a place where Iron sharpens Iron.